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How do I set up an MRI referral with iCare Diagnostic Imaging?
Fax the MRI referral form to our office. Fax: (763)244-8021
*All referrals must be signed by doctor
How do I log on to view my images?
It is easy to view your reports and images click Doctor Portal icon at the top of the website, then choose image/report retrieval, then login, or if first time user, create a login. The site is a highly encrypted secure site and will ask you if you wish to continue every time you login. While slightly annoying, this helps us protect your data. Once you have logged in for the first time, an icon will appear on your desk top as a shortcut to the radiologist's website's login page. If you have trouble please call radiologist's technical support line at 701-461-7253.
How long after the MRI is completed will my images and report be ready?
The radiologist owns the transcription company that is 3 blocks from his office. This allows him to maintain quality control and allows for a 12-24 hour turn-around time.
What if I have a question about my image?
The radiologist can be called directly at 000-000-0000 and is delighted to help answer all of your imaging questions.
What happens if my patient is claustrophobic?
We are able to accommodate 95% of all claustrophobic patients. Our facility uses a shorter bore magnet that is 2 feet shorter that traditional MRIs. We also have natural light windows in the magnet room that helps the atmosphere seem less cramped. We use relaxing scents, have relaxing music playing, use fans to help circulate stagnant air, and have an experienced MRI technician that will be talking to the patient via microphone during the whole process. All of these techniques help us calm the anxiety of the patient. If need be, we can call out for medication, but this is usually not necessary.
I understand iCare uses a Philips Integra 1.5T closed - short bore MRI unit, what are the advantages/disadvantages.
  1. Much clearer image quality-in general closed systems acquire clearer images because the field strength is generally much higher at 1.0-3.0T than open units. For example, most stand up or positional MRIs only have a 0.6T field strength. Most open MRIs range from 0.3T - 0.7T. These units are primarily used when the patient is over 400 pounds and are considered a low to medium field MRI.
  2. Philips Integra uses flexible spinal coils allowing for flexion/extension views for both the cervical and lumbar spine.
  3. Philips Integra uses an accessory when imaging the lumbar spine to create a weight bearing image without losing image quality as in an open MRI unit.
  1. Patients over 400 pounds are best suited for an open MRI.